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Published On March 9, 2015 | I’VE KNOWN YOU TOO LONG, PODCASTS

Mahdis played the lead female role in Dave’s 1990’s Punk vs. Straight Edge gang film THE EDGE OF QUARREL. Shortly after that, she went on to do amazing things working on human rights issues of worldwide importance in conjunction with the U.N., while Dave pretty much just kept going to hardcore shows. Now finally back together in the same room, Dave and Mahdis rake through the coals of the past and uncover various bright embers including harrowing tales of prejudice encountered at 4 years old, smuggling punk rock and hardcore into Iran as a teenager, and the night she blindfolded and kidnapped two different Daves in order to subject them to a tasty torture.

Also, Mahdis was instrumental in the start of the relationship between Dave and Michaelanne, which gets discussed at length when Michaelanne once again barges in on the recording session.

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Most of these conversations will contain shorthand speech and insider info that both parties will be familiar with and won’t necessarily stop to explain for the listener. Whenever possible, Dave will provide some after-the-fact definitions and descriptions. Like your own personal eavesdropping translator.


The Old Firehouse: Often mentioned on this podcast, it was a teen center in a converted firehouse in Redmond, WA that held many crucial all ages shows.

Jim Martin: Responsible for the “Keshavarz/Ketchup Jars” name comparison. Worked at the Old Firehouse.

“That 20 miles out of any city accent that David Cross talks about”: From this bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPuS1XoRoJs

The Velvet Elvis: A small theater space in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood that put on all ages shows throughout the mid-to-late 1990s. The entrance was literally part way down a piss-soaked alley and just past a dumpster. All 4 of Dave’s tires were slashed on his Subaru while it was parked nearby there during one afternoon show.

The Goat House: A punk house that had a number of memorable shows in the basement, a dangerous old trampoline in the back yard, and a group of very talented roommates who went on to form some seriously great bands.

“Lex and Kate Becker”: Kate ran the Old Firehouse. Lex Spahr worked there, took pictures of bands, published zines, sang in RIKKI TIKKI TAVI, and had elaborate birthday parties.

Wally: Did HATING SOCIETY ‘Zine and was involved in all sorts of stuff.

Carrie Whitney: Now Carrie Whitney-Hall. Purveyor of zines, Taker of photographs, Lover of robots. Starred in at least 3 no budget films in the 90s, including Dave’s. Also releases records: CLICK HERE.

10:07: Punk-pop band fronted by Matt Matsuoka. Were the first band on Dave’s record label. CLICK HERE.

Keyan Meymand: Active in the NW scene in the 90s. Passed away in 2013.

Ron Guardipee: Sang for BROTHERHOOD and ran Overkill Records. See episode 6 of this podcast.

Sassy Magazine: An alternative music focused teen magazine that was influential to many young people from the early to mid-90s.

Eric Fradenburg: Played drums for a number of NW bands, including RED ROCKET.

Andrea Zollo: Sang for PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES and other NW bands. Currently in DEEP CREEP. CLICK HERE.

PINHEAD GUNPOWDER: An East Bay Supergroup, made up of members of GREEN DAY, FUEL, MONSULA, and CHRIMPSHRINE. Click HERE.

OPERATION IVY: Also called OP IVY. Ska Punk from the East Bay. Members went on to play in RANCID and others. CLICK HERE.

CRIMPSHRINE: Another one from the East Bay. Aaron Cometbus played in this band, and it was his first of many. Definitely more of an acquired taste than some of what we discuss on this podcast. CLICK HERE.

BIKINI KILL: Insanely influential band from Olympia, WA, credited with starting the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90s. CLICK HERE.

THE THIRD SEX: A Portland, OR based Queercore band that was part of the Riot Grrrl scene. CLICK HERE.

Jake Snider: Ran the record label HENRY’S FINEST RECORDINGS. Sang and played guitar for STATE ROUTE 522 and SHARKS KEEP MOVING. Currently does the same in MINUS THE BEAR. See episode 7 of this podcast.

Matt Matsuoka: An enigma. Has been interviewed more than once for this podcast, and we still don’t have an episode. But we will.

RED ROCKET: An Eastside band that Matt Matsuoka and Eric Fradenburg played in.

“Kurt died”: A reference to the suicide death of Kurt Cobain.

VICE: A print magazine and website focused on arts, culture, and news topics. They describe themselves as “an ever-expanding nebula of immersive investigative journalism, uncomfortable sociological examination, uncouth activities” etc. CLICK HERE.

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David Larson is a screenwriter from the Seattle area who ran an independent record label called EXCURSION for many years. Over the course of the last three decades, Dave has formed friendships with a large number of people who have made an artistic impact, mostly in the world of Punk Rock and Hardcore music. Many of these people have gone on to greater and more varied adventures in the worlds of art, film, music, politics, and activism. In this podcast, Dave uses the timeline of their first meeting to explore back and forth through their histories to try and gain a better understanding of how they came to be the people they are today.

They say history is written by the conquerors, and while none of these campaigns are complete yet, it is time to get some of these tales nailed down before they are lost to time and age.

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