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Published On November 15, 2020 | CADENCE One Step Beyond, PODCASTS

One of the projects I’ve been working on for the last year or so has been to help bring Aram Arslanian’s podcast to life. Aram, who you may know as a guest on I’VE KNOWN YOU TOO LONG, through his labels ANCHOR and REACT!, or his bands BETRAYED and CHANGE, was looking for a way to present his ideas in a podcast format for his company CADENCE LEADERSHIP.

CADENCE: One Step Beyond is that podcast.

Aram brings knowledge and experience from years of counseling and executive coaching, as well as his life in punk rock and hardcore, into conversations with young professionals, seasoned business executives, cultural icons, and various other movers and/or shakers making a difference day-to-day in business, music, and art.

Below is a list of Episodes available now. I’ll update Nobody’s Nose with new episodes as they become available.

All episodes can be found at the Cadence Leadership + Communication website.

Subscribe to the CADENCE LEADERSHIP YouTube channel while you’re at it, as there will be a lot coming from there in the future.

From Idea To ExecutionCarlos Ramirez (No Echo, Black Army Jacket) Ep 27

Feel Their Pain: Ethics in Vegan Businesses – Rich Labbate (Insted) Ep. 26

Legacy in a Family BusinessGiancarlo Talarico, Ep. 25

Young Leaders PanelSteph Jurek, Logan Madden, & Nikki McEachnie Ep. 24

Lessons Learned Through SuccessDan Smith (Sharp/Shock, Captured Tattoo) Ep. 23

Destroy Tradition – Tattoos In The Work Place – Brandi Wells Ep. 22

Activism in Art with Alice Bag, Ep. 21

Relationship Building in the Music Industry James Tsaptsinos, Ep. 20

Leaning Into Vulnerability in your Career Chris Anthony, Ep. 19

Rock and Roll Real Estate – Rebellion in the Work World – Fred Waks, Ep. 18

Raising The Bar – Smart Recruiting – Tom Couture, Ep. 17

Post-Colonization and the Business World Christopher Horsethief, Ep. 16

Bringing Your Whole Self To Work Finn McKenty (Punk Rock MBA) Ep. 15

Vinyl Records + Environmental Innovation Billy Bones (Clampdown Records) Ep. 14

The Ethics & Grit Behind Zimt Chocolates Emma Smith (Zimt Chocolates) Ep.13

Building A Trusted BrandScott Kaplan (HQ Milton) Ep. 12

Harnessing Punk and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Matt Saincome (The Hard Times & OutVoice) Ep. 11

Learning while Leading Mike Rolla Ep.10

Unlocking Potential Through Self-Directed ChallengesPaul Zani Ep. 9

Punk Rock, Disruption & Success Jonathan Anastas (DYS) Ep. 8

The Willingness to ChangeRob Hanson Ep. 7

Addiction in the Workplace Sandy Thompson Ep. 6

The Art of Client Retention Michael Mendillo & Robert Francis Ep. 5

Leading Acquisitions: Making it PersonalAlex Nguyen Ep. 4

Leaders in Emerging Markets:
The DIY spirit, the desire to create what will be and the value of suffering – Chris Colohan & Eric Gattoni Ep. 3

Returning to Work After Experiencing a Traumatic Event Christian Monks Ep.2

Diversity & Inclusion: Actionable steps leaders can take towards real change – Keri Fraser & Michelle Rakshys Ep.1

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