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Published On August 8, 2015 | RANTS

INSIDE OUT in Bellingham: Every Photo on the Roll.

By Dave Larson

It was the best show I have ever seen.

Saturday, April 7th, 1990. The show was scheduled to happen at The Star Club, an all ages venue in downtown Bellingham that occupied a space on Cornwall avenue that had previously housed a dance club called The Vortex. Something went wrong with that location, and a quick substitution had to be made. Bill Baker offered his grandmother’s single car garage as an alternative, and as crazy and unrealistic as that might sound, it ended up being the only option. Ron Guardipee had booked the show, and he said they could do the garage as long as we could find a way to guarantee the bands from out of state $200. We really wanted this show to happen, so four of us put up $50 each with the idea that we would try and find a way to charge people at the show, but the balance owed would come out of what we had put in. It was myself, Val Wonder, Brian Van Kleeck, and Randy Clark who put up the cash. In the end we all ended up paying a little more than everyone else. I can’t remember the exact amount. After this show, I didn’t care.

The bands that played that night were EXTREMITY, RESOLUTION, FORCED DOWN, and INSIDE OUT.

Bill Baker sang for EXTREMITY. At least one photo of them playing that night exists. You can see it on the page for Bill’s episode of the “I’ve Known You Too Long” podcast if you scroll down into the photos (CLICK HERE). I don’t know who took that picture and I don’t know where the roll of film it came from ended up.

There are also black and white pictures from this show. I have some of those physical photographs, but I do not have that roll of film either. I can not remember who shot them.

When Bill was done with the EXTREMITY set he grabbed his camera and shot a 36 photo roll of color film over the course of the next three sets. Many of those photos, mostly of INSIDE OUT, have shown up in various ‘zines and on social media over the years. But not all of them. Film developing was expensive, and not all of the photos saw the light of day.

So here they all are, in order off the roll:

The first batch of photos features shots of this post-BROTHERHOOD Seattle Hardcore band featuring Ron Guardipee on vocals and SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE’s Dan Hoerner on guitar.

An amazing San Diego Hardcore band. I was once threatened for wearing one of their shirts. Not because it offended the person, but because they wanted it. They said they had considered jumping me to steal it.
I still have the shirt. I bought it at this show.

A quick break outside the house:

This band featured Zack de la Rocha (HARDSTANCE, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE) and Vic DiCara (BEYOND, SHELTER, 108).
I believe Chris Bratton is playing drums here, and Mark Hayworth on bass.

These days we document everything. We have digital cameras at our fingertips at all times. When something incredible happens, it gets recorded, and we all see it in our various feeds. That was not the case back in the days of poor punk kids trying to scrape together whatever they could to make cool things happen. We were just lucky that there was a camera and a guy with a bit of skill at this show. Without that this would just be a story that people would doubt was true, or at least wasn’t as incredible as the handful of people who experienced it have claimed.

But it was.

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