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Published On February 16, 2015 | I’VE KNOWN YOU TOO LONG, PODCASTS

Episode 1 of a new Podcast.

Conversations between Dave Larson (Excursion Records, THE EDGE OF QUARREL) and interesting old friends.

This first episode brings Dave back together with Greg Bennick (TRIAL, BETWEEN EARTH & SKY, One Hundred For Haiti, wordsasweapons.com, etc.)

Dave and Greg discuss their first probable meeting, a bunch of other stuff, and mimes.

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A few sound issues in this one that will be addressed by the next episode.


I didn’t notice this mistake in time to correct it in the audio, but when talking about the “kickboxing” dance style coming back with Undertow from their U.S. tour, I said it was 1994. It was actually 1993.

Most of these conversations will contain shorthand speech and insider info that both parties will be familiar with and won’t necessarily stop to explain for the listener. Whenever possible, Dave will provide some after-the-fact definitions and descriptions. Like your own personal eavesdropping translator.


BROADWAY: A lot of cities have streets called Broadway. Seattle is no different, and while its Broadway runs for quite a ways across the Capitol Hill and First Hill neighborhoods, the part most often referred to is the business-lined, nine block section between E Pine and E Roy.

Derek Harn: Original bass player for TRIAL, later a founding member of HIMSA.

Bill Baker: William Baker. Ran INCISION RECORDS. Sang in JAYHAWKER, SLOWSIDEDOWN, and PISTOLS AT DUSK. Interviewed for Episode 3 of this podcast.

KINKO’S: Once mighty photocopy & desktop publishing chain. Later purchased by FedEx and now called FedEx Office.

UNDERTOW: Influential Seattle Straight Edge band from the 90’s. A cornerstone in the foundation of NW Hardcore history.

OK Hotel: You know the “coffee-bar” that Bridget Fonda works at in the movie SINGLES? That was the OK Hotel.

POISON IDEA: Legendary Portland, OR punk band.

John Pettibone: Bass player and later vocalist for UNDERTOW. Also sang in NINEIRONSPITFIRE, HIMSA, HEIRESS, and others. Played the role of “Jason Talbot” in THE EDGE OF QUARREL.

The Anthrax: Not to be confused with the band, this was an essential all ages punk rock club in Norwalk, Connecticut.

“Jordan at Revelation”: Jordan Cooper from influential hardcore record label REVELATION RECORDS.

“Some Seven Inches”: 7” vinyl records. Old people might call them “45’s”. Often highly collectible. Almost like currency in Hardcore.

SAIDCHILD: Explained pretty well in episode. Released a 7” on Ron Guardipee’s OVERKILL RECORDS.

New Age Records: Southern CA record label with some real solid releases in the 90s.

EARTH CRISIS: A hugely influential, and often controversial, Straight Edge Hardcore band from Syracuse, New York.

RINGWORM: Metalcore band from Cleveland. Bill Baker released their 1st LP, “The Promise”, on his record label INCISION RECORDS in 1993.

JUDGE “Bringing It Down” LP: A classic Straight Edge Hardcore record, released by Revelation Records in 1989.

“INSIDE OUT Tour”: INSIDE OUT were one of the best Hardcore bands anyone ever saw. After they broke up in 1991, singer Zack de la Rocha went on to form RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. A couple of years later there was a series of INSIDE OUT reunion shows, and these are what Greg is talking about.

ZINE: “Fanzine”. Short for magazine. Often created and assembled late at night in a Kinko’s.

SEAWEED: Tacoma, WA based melodic punk / grunge band.

The Velvet Elvis: A small theater space in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood that put on all ages shows throughout the mid-to-late 1990s. The entrance was literally part way down a piss-soaked alley and just past a dumpster.

Lori LeFavor: Long-time booker of shows in the Seattle area, and one of the handful of people who did the work to help get that Footloose-like teen dance law changed here.

CBGB’s: A venue in New York City. Probably the most famous punk rock club in the country, if not the world. Opened in 1973, the club finally closed its doors for good in 2006.

Ryan Murphy: Drummer for UNDERTOW, ENSIGN, THE HELM, and others.

Kate Becker: Mentioned a couple of times and no doubt will be mentioned throughout the entire run of this podcast….

Capitol Hill, Pike, between 10th & 12th: A very hip part of Seattle that contains a number of destination music venues, stores, bars, and restaurants. No Mimes to speak off. So far.

This letter from Greg has hung on Bill Baker’s wall for the last few years:


David Larson is a screenwriter from the Seattle area who ran an independent record label called EXCURSION for many years. Over the course of the last three decades, Dave has formed friendships with a large number of people who have made an artistic impact, mostly in the world of Punk Rock and Hardcore music. Many of these people have gone on to greater and more varied adventures in the worlds of art, film, music, politics, and activism. In this podcast, Dave uses the timeline of their first meeting to explore back and forth through their histories to try and gain a better understanding of how they came to be the people they are today.

They say history is written by the conquerors, and while none of these campaigns are complete yet, it is time to get some of these tales nailed down before they are lost to time and age.

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