YELL YOU BETTER with Katie McVay

Published On December 15, 2016 | SIGNAL BOOST

For our first edition to the SIGNAL BOOST section we present YELL YOU BETTER with Katie McVay.

“She’s, like, a female 1980s Bobcat Goldthwait.” – Doug Lawless
(He insists that this is high praise.)

We are posting the videos from Season 3 here, but by all means go follow YYB at YouTube
and check out the rest of them while you’re at it.

Episode 32:

So if you enjoyed that, we recommend following YYB and Katie McVay at all of these social media time sinks:




Episode 31:

Episode 30:

Episode 29:

Episode 28:

Episode 27:

Episode 26:

Episode 25:

Episode 24:

And for more inside info on the face and voice of Yell You Better you can watch Katie McVay’s appearance on Keith and the Girl:

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