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Published On May 15, 2015 | I’VE KNOWN YOU TOO LONG, PODCASTS

Dave has always had a lot of respect for Soto, going all the way back to the days when he was one of the only other long-hairs in the local scene. Together they sort through the confused timelines and early passions of a young, Greek metalhead, including a dizzying amount of moving and changing schools, how a girlie mag subscription in grade school will get you toys, and how eyeliner in middle school will get you girls. Plus a bunch of stuff about Punk & Metal. UNITE OR DIE!

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Most of these conversations will contain shorthand speech and insider info that both parties will be familiar with and won’t necessarily stop to explain for the listener. Whenever possible, Dave will provide some after-the-fact definitions and descriptions. Like your own personal eavesdropping translator.

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10:07: A Matt Matsuoka pop-punk band from the NW that Soto played bass for in the early 90’s.

THE HIT: A somewhat more matured Matt Matsuoka pop-punk band from the NW that Soto played bass with for a while in the early 00’s.

BALANCE OF THE WORLD: Another of Soto’s bands. Click HERE and HERE.

EVERYTHING WENT BLACK: A hardcore band that Soto played bass for after BOTW. Click HERE and HERE.

The Party Hall: A small space that was at 21st & Madison in Seattle where many all ages shows happened in the early 90s. Click HERE to see POSITIVE GREED playing there.

Washington Hall: Many all ages shows happened here, mostly before the Party Hall got going.

FACE FIRST: A Straight Edge Hardcore band that Soto played bass for pre-10:07.

Bill Baker: See Episode 3 of this podcast.

15: Jeff Ott’s post-Crimpshrine band. Click HERE.

JAWBREAKER: Best band ever? Maybe. Click HERE.

RED ROCKET: Post-10:07 band featuring Matt Matsuoka. Dave released a full length CD called “July” on Excursion.

Bivouac: Jawbreaker’s 2nd LP. Click HERE.

24 Hour Revenge Therapy: Jawbreaker’s 3rd LP. Click HERE.

James Stern: Also known as “Spanky.” Singer for FACE FIRST. Went on to play bass in Undertow.

UNDERTOW: Early to mid-90s Straight Edge Hardcore band. Made a big impact in the Seattle scene. Click HERE.

“Feel The Darkness” POISON IDEA: He’s talking about THIS STUFF.

INTEGRITY: Cleveland Hardcore band that released a full length on Overkill Records in the early 90’s and blew everyone away. Click HERE.

Eric Kinder: An extremely talented drummer who has played in many fine bands. No longer a NW resident, to the detriment of the music scene.

BULL GOOSE LOONY: A band that Dave played bass for in Bellingham before he moved to Seattle. Matt Knowles and Chris Drechsel previously of 10:07 and Ken Hagle previously of Brotherhood played in BGL as well.

Chainsaw Orchestra: The first LP from 10:07. It’s just great. Dave has a few copies still if you’re interested. Click HERE.

THE DAMNED: English Goth Band. Click HERE.

CHEAP TRICK: The “American Beatles” Click HERE.

Jeff Ganson: Guitarist for 10:07.

Stairway To Heaven: I heard if you play this song backwards there are satanic messages. Good thing records play forwards. Click HERE.

Taylor Swift: For the Swiftamine commercial, click HERE.

Bruce Springsteen: The Boss. Click HERE.

Kanye: Kanye West. If this doucher acted a little more like a decent human being it would be easier to admit that he is quite talented.

Born To Run: I thought it was one of his best (anybody out there get this reference?). Click HERE.

Carly Rae Jepsen: Insanely catchy pop song singer. Click HERE.






Young Soto:

The Van after the pole:


David Larson is a screenwriter from the Seattle area who ran an independent record label called EXCURSION for many years. Over the course of the last three decades, Dave has formed friendships with a large number of people who have made an artistic impact, mostly in the world of Punk Rock and Hardcore music. Many of these people have gone on to greater and more varied adventures in the worlds of art, film, music, politics, and activism. In this podcast, Dave uses the timeline of their first meeting to explore back and forth through their histories to try and gain a better understanding of how they came to be the people they are today.

They say history is written by the conquerors, and while none of these campaigns are complete yet, it is time to get some of these tales nailed down before they are lost to time and age.

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