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Years ago Dave Larson from I’VE KNOWN YOU TOO LONG made a Punk vs. Straight Edge gang movie starring many of the people he knew from the NW music scene. If you’ve been listening to the podcast you might have noticed that a lot of the people he’s been talking to were in that movie or involved in some way. The YouTube video above is the most amusing of the the eventual versions of the film released. This is the full movie dubbed into Spanish by professional voice actors, originally released in Spain by Cydonia Films. If you speak Spanish, enjoy.

If you’d like to see an original English language version of the movie, you’re in luck. Despite the fact the Excursion Records, the label that released the U.S. DVD version, is now defunct, there are some copies left over.

These are from the only USA DVD release of the film. They are hand-numbered on the back out of 2000 copies and include some cool extras. The highlight being the feature length DVD commentary track that has Dave talking to Greg Bennick throughout. It’s like an early version of the podcast, and it makes sense that Greg was the first person Dave thought of having on the show.

This DVD includes:
– The FILM, all 120, Hi-8 video, black & white minutes of it.
– Full length audio commentary from writer/director David Larson and Trial’s Greg Bennick.
– Over a half hour of deleted scenes and outtakes, including additional footage of the bands in the film.
– Rocky Votolato’s video for his song “Without Eyes Still Seeing.”
– NTSC, Region Free encoding.

And yes, DVD is essentially a dead format. This movie was shot in Hi-8 video however. There will never be a Blu Ray.

So, as long as we still have these, $10 will get you a copy of the DVD and two 11” x 17” movie posters. Postage Paid in the USA.

Not a bad deal, and not a bad way to support this site either.

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Here is a picture of every official release of the movie on VHS and DVD:

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