TA002: Sheedy Flakes

Published On November 20, 2015 | PODCASTS, THE TOKIN' ASIAN

Matt and Dave return to bring the world a second installment of what may someday be described as “an intense and nuanced study of the intricacies of race relations, cannabis consumption, and toilet talk.” Matt airs his deep concern that children may be allowed to listen to the podcast and be irreparably damaged before he and Dave dive into a series of important topics including masturbating gorilla toys, questionable bathroom soap, terribly annoying common phrases, the Alabama protein shake, Ally Sheedy’s dandruff, cutting, cadres of nuns, sick children vs diarrhea as an excuse to miss work, the ethnicity of Muppets (Dr. Bunsen Honeydew in particular), advice for dating 18 year olds, republicans, Joan Jett’s shoes, girls with eye patches, failed weed legalization measures, the other Splinter, various slurs for white people straight from the official database, webelos, weeble wobbles, faking disabilities to avoid conversations, a surprise revelation about Flashdance, and a very special poem.

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Classic Matt:

THE TOKIN’ ASIAN is a bi-weekly check in and chat with Matt, a man who fits the description of the title both literally and figuratively. As a Japanese American artist, musician, filmmaker, and working professional, Matt has navigated the sometimes choppy waters of racial, sexual, and interpersonal relationships and come away with a unique life experience that he wants to share with you. Plus he likes to smoke a lot of weed and make up dirty songs. Life is balance. Let Matt help bring some to yours.

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