TA001: Meet The Matt

Published On November 8, 2015 | PODCASTS, THE TOKIN' ASIAN

Matt introduces himself to the podcast listening world as the host of this new show, and introduces board op Dave as his assistant and show facilitator. The format of the show is explained, and Matt makes various attempts at writing a new theme song for Dave’s other podcast I’VE KNOWN YOU TOO LONG, all while discussing topics including legal weed, Wang Chung, Long Duk Dong, 70s TV, trying to help by giving questionable advice, Mad magazine fold-ins and hidden penis art, PaRappa the Rapper, a certain type of citrus fruit party, names of other things you definitely should not search on the internet, something about horses, firecracker necklaces, late-night crossbow stunts, jaywalking shenanigans, Matt’s stripper name, a unique new type of one man band, incorrect census numbers, weak slander for caucasians, and probably some other things.

Matt’s NIGHTLIFE Poster:

THE TOKIN’ ASIAN is a bi-weekly check in and chat with Matt, a man who fits the description of the title both literally and figuratively. As a Japanese American artist, musician, filmmaker, and working professional, Matt has navigated the sometimes choppy waters of racial, sexual, and interpersonal relationships and come away with a unique life experience that he wants to share with you. Plus he likes to smoke a lot of weed and make up dirty songs. Life is balance. Let Matt help bring some to yours.

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