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Published On June 19, 2015 | I’VE KNOWN YOU TOO LONG, PODCASTS

Dave visits Mr. Edge at his home shortly after he broke his back in a bike accident. Medicated and confined to a wheelchair, Aaron is unable to get away and must endure his own private version of Misery as Dave forces him to relive painful past memories in story form. Tales of being the neighborhood’s only white ninja lead eventually to the obvious conclusion of joining a Hare Krishna cult. And also Straight Edge, because, y’know, it’s his actual name.

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Most of these conversations will contain shorthand speech and insider info that both parties will be familiar with and won’t necessarily stop to explain for the listener. Whenever possible, Dave will provide some after-the-fact definitions and descriptions. Like your own personal eavesdropping translator.

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HIMSA: Aaron was in this band at the start. Click HERE and HERE.

HARKONEN: A Tacoma-based band that Aaron sang with for a time. While he was with the band, they released the “Hung to Dry” 7” on Excursion. Click HERE.

GENUINE: An Straight Edge project band. Aaron would play the music and often have friends step in for vocals. Released the “A Bond Still Strong” LP on Excursion. A handful of copies of this record are available in the Nobody’s Nose store. Click HERE.

The Edge Of Quarrel: Dave’s Punk vs. Straight Edge movie. Aaron plays a key roll and is the guy on the cover of the DVD. Click HERE.

Lex Spahr: See episode 12 of this podcast.

Black Crown: A Seattle area car service. They sponsor this show! Use them if you need a ride. Click HERE.

Soto: Owner of Black Crown and Bass Player extraordinaire. See episode 11 of this podcast.

LIFETIME: Find me better lyrics than “I memorized lines your eyes made at every squint you shot my way.” You can’t. Stop trying. Click HERE.

JAWBREAKER: Ever notice that this is the ONE band everybody loves? It’s no coincidence. Click HERE.

John Pettibone: Sang for UNDERTOW and HIMSA. Sings for HEIRESS. A Straight Edge elder statesman.


Vegan: Like vegetarian, but absolutely no animal product is acceptable.



Greg Bennick: Singer for TRIAL. Confirmed juggler. Suspected mime. See episode 1 of this podcast.

Derek Harn: Played bass for both TRIAL and HIMSA. He’s a mucky muck at this site too.

INFEST: Pioneering Powerviolence band. Click HERE.


Raybeez: Raymond Barbieri. Singer for WARZONE. Died Sept. 11, 1997. Click HERE.

Gummo: A movie you maybe didn’t see. Click HERE.

Cannibal Holocaust: And one Aaron wishes he hadn’t seen. Click HERE.

Storm Shadow: A white-clad ninja from G.I. Joe. One of the cooler characters. Click HERE.

Matt Matsuoka: See episode 13 of this podcast.



DEPECHE MODE: Click HERE. And click HERE while you’re at it.


Aram Arslanian: See episode 10 of this podcast.

THE EXPLOITED: Scottish punk rock band that has been around forever. Click HERE.

DEAD KENNEDYS: Hugely popular early American Hardcore Punk band, known for political lyrics, troubling artwork, and a distinctive sound with a surf music vibe. Click HERE.

THE CRAMPS: Garage Punk with a logo and artwork that always caught the eye. Click HERE.

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: Remember that scene in High Fidelity when the guy tells the girl if she likes GREEN DAY she should check out STIFF LITTLE FINGERS? Click HERE.

ANGRY SAMOANS: Early American Punk. Click HERE.

REASON TO BELIEVE: Criminally underrated melodic Hardcore band. Click HERE and HERE.

Southern Lord: L.A. based record label owned by Greg from BROTHERHOOD/GOATSNAKE/SUNN. Click HERE.

Aaron lists the bands on cassette on his flight: If you don’t know the bands he’s talking about, Google them.

Straight Edge: We’ve been over this… A lifestyle choice of abstinence from drugs and alcohol that originated in the Washington DC punk scene in the early 1980s. It quickly caught fire in the minds of weirdos everywhere and spread worldwide. The X is used as its symbol, and SXE is how you shorthand it.

The Bhagavad Gita: The holy book of Hare Krishna, also known as the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (or ISKCON), a new religious movement based in Hinduism. Established in America in 1965. Got that? 1965. SO IT’S LIKE SCIENTOLOGY OR SOMETHING.
If you hadn’t noticed, Dave doesn’t have a lot of time for this kind of crap. He tries to be nice though.

INSIDE OUT: One of the best Hardcore bands anyone ever saw. After they broke up in 1991, singer Zack de la Rocha went on to form RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Click HERE.

SHELTER: Enjoyable but ultimately flawed band that spun off from YOUTH OF TODAY. I (Dave) say flawed because I believe any band in Punk or Hardcore that had religion at it’s core was flawed. And that’s the nice way of saying worthless. Click HERE.

108: Angrier and more militant krishna-core band. Blah. They wrote good songs I guess. Click HERE.



UNDERTOW: Influential Seattle Straight Edge band from the 90’s. A cornerstone in the foundation of NW Hardcore history. Click HERE.

SPARKMARKER: Vancouver, BC band. They were fantastic. Click HERE.

Hardline: A complete shit bastardization of Straight Edge ideas. Good in that it weeded the worst assholes out for a while.

RESSURECTION: Good hardcore band. Singer Rob went on to sing in 108. Click HERE.

Andrew Gormley: Drummer for RORSCHACH, KISS IT GOODBYE, SHAI HULUD, PLAYING ENEMY, and others.

Demian: Played bass for UNDERTOW and guitar in PLAYING ENEMY. Podcast episode soon.

Robin Laananen: I’ve never know exactly how to pronounce her name, but she’s cool as hell. Click HERE.

THE MURDER CITY DEVILS: One of the best bands out of Seattle in the 90s. They also played various members of the punk gang in THE EDGE OF QUARREL. Click HERE.

TO SEE YOU BROKEN: All-female hardcore band from Seattle. Had a 7” and CD out on Excursion.

IAMTHETHORN: Dave is in the video. Click HERE.


Tim Singer: Sang for NO ESCAPE, DEADGUY, and KISS IT GOODBYE. Currently putting vocals together for PROCESS BLACK.


THE EDGE OF QUARREL photo shoot by Diona Mavis:

THE EDGE OF QUARREL rumble shenanigans:

Early HIMSA promo photo:


David Larson is a screenwriter from the Seattle area who ran an independent record label called EXCURSION for many years. Over the course of the last three decades, Dave has formed friendships with a large number of people who have made an artistic impact, mostly in the world of Punk Rock and Hardcore music. Many of these people have gone on to greater and more varied adventures in the worlds of art, film, music, politics, and activism. In this podcast, Dave uses the timeline of their first meeting to explore back and forth through their histories to try and gain a better understanding of how they came to be the people they are today.

They say history is written by the conquerors, and while none of these campaigns are complete yet, it is time to get some of these tales nailed down before they are lost to time and age.

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